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HOW TO: Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

HOW TO: Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

It's no secret that we love Twitter.
It's a fantastic social media tool, a window on the world that can keep
you updated on the big things, such as global news and events, the
little things, like where your buddies are headed on a Friday night, and
just about anything in between.

However, once you're following more than a dozen or so people, the
service can get a little busy. In the spirit of our recent spring
cleaning guides, which also offer advice on how to organize your Facebook account and sort out your iPhone, we're bringing you some top tips to tidy up your Twitter stream.

So whether you want to cut the dead wood, give your Twitter account a
spruce up for the spring, filter out unwanted noise, or just get a
little bit more organized, read on for a quick guide, complete with free
online resources to help.

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