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Panda 4.2 Complicates SEO for Ecommerce Sites

Google released Panda 4.2, the latest Panda algorithm update, in mid-July. If you didn’t feel an impact on your site’s performance on July 18, you’re not alone.
Panda 4.2 is Google’s latest algorithm update meant to fight web spam, specifically demoting sites in the rankings that contain duplicative or thin content. In other words, Panda targets sites that contain the same content as other sites and sites whose pages contain low-value content.
Despite Google’s estimation that Panda 4.2 would affect about two to three percent of English language queries, a medium-level algorithm update for Google, affected sites may not feel traceable impact for months. This is the slowest moving algorithm that we know of — past Panda updates fully rolled out within days or weeks. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller attributes the slow rollout to unspecified technical reasons. More >>