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Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication

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1  "About The Author" keyword
2  "Add Guest Post" keyword
3  "Become a Contributor" keyword
4  "Become a Contributor" keyword
5  "Become a guest author" keyword
6  "Become a Guest Blogger" keyword
7  "Become a Guest Writer" keyword
8  "Become an Author" keyword
9  "Blog For Us" keyword
10  "Blogs Accepting Guest Posts" keyword
11  "Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers" keyword
12  "Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging" keyword
13  "Blogs that Accept Guest Posts" keyword
14  "Blogs that Accepting Guest Posts" keyword
15  "Contribute to our Site" keyword
16  "Guest Blog For Us" keyword
17  "Guest Blogger" keyword
18  "Guest Bloggers Wanted" keyword
19  "Guest blogging guidelines" keyword
20  "Guest Blogging Spot" keyword
21  "Guest Contributor" keyword
22  "Guest post by" keyword
23  "Guest Post" keyword
24  "Now Accepting Guest Posts" keyword
25  "Submit Guest Post" keyword
26  "The following guest post" keyword
27  "This guest post is from" keyword
28  "This guest post was written" keyword
29  "This is a Guest Post" keyword
30  "Want to Write for" keyword
31  "we accept contributors" keyword
32  "We accept guest blogs" keyword
33  "We accept guest posts" keyword
34  "Write For Us" keyword
35  Industry+Guest+Author keyword
36  Industry+Guest+Contributor keyword
37  Industry+Guest+Writer keyword
38  inpostauthor:"guest author" keyword
39  inpostauthor:"guest post" keyword
40  inpostauthor:"guest" keyword
41  intitle:"contribute to" keyword
42  intitle:"guest post keyword
43  intitle:"submit" + inurl:blog keyword
44  intitle:"write for us" keyword
45  intitle:"write for us" keyword
46  intitle:"write for us" keyword
47  intitle:"write for" OR intitle"contribute" keyword
48  intitle:contributor keyword
49  intitle:guest keyword
50  inurl:- "join us" keyword
51  inurl:"guest post" keyword
52  inurl:"guest post" keyword
53  inurl:"write for us" keyword
54  inurl:"write for us" keyword
55  inurl:contributor keyword
56  inurl:guest keyword