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How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Setting up a facebook page can help you to increase online presence, it also helps in brand building, so create facebook page today for your organization.

Facebook Business Page Tips

  • Create a Facebook page for your business
  • Get a username for your page so people can search easily you facebook page at instead of
  • Once you set your username, it cannot be changed again so make sure that you choose best username
  • Make use of profile image and cover image, make sure that you choose attractive and right image that will make facebook page visitors to visit your website
  • Upload a profile image that will still be “readable” in a tiny thumbnail form around the site. Logos or brand stamps work well and allow users to easily identify your content throughout the site.
  • Fill correct information on “About” page and make sure that the most applicable “Category” is chosen.
  • Short Description (Settings > Page Info > Short Description) to display your Unique Selling Preposition (USP) or tagline.  When someone shares your page link it will automatically displayed
  • Give administration access  to reliable and more people to make best use of Facebook page
(Note:  I frequently update posts, you may notice some changes the next time you visit blog)

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